Vincent Knight, Cardiff University School of Mathematics

This talk will begin with the origin of species. More precisely with a discussion of Darwin’s theory of evolution and how Game Theory has been used to explain/illustrate aspects of co-operation in complex dynamics.

We’ll introduce an open-source collaboration project in Python that replicates Robert Axelrod’s Tournaments to pit various strategies against each other to explore evolutionary theory.

You can find the slides with links to a JuPyTer notebook here: The Axelrod repository is here:

Daniele Procida, Divio AG

In February this year, with the help of the University of Namibia and Cardiff University’s Phoenix Project, and with support from numerous organisations in the Django/Python community, we held Python Namibia, a four-day international software conference in the capital, Windhoek.

This is the story of why we did it, how we did it, how it went - and what’s going to happen next.