Road-test your DjangoCon Europe proposal at PyDiff

DjangoCon Europe 2016 will be held in Budapest, 30th March to 3rd April.

Speaking at a DjangoCon is a great experience: you’ll find a friendly and interested audience, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to discover a lot of people who are very keen to talk some more about what you have to say.

This might seem like a big step if you’ve never addressed a conference before, but the DjangoCon Europe call for proposals explicitly encourages and invites new speakers to submit talks. In other words, if you’ve never spoken at a DjangoCon or similar event before, they want you - yes, you - yes, you, the one saying “who, me?” - to submit a talk.

This isn’t just an idle invitation. It’s being backed up by a speaker mentor programme, to help put you in touch with an experienced speaker who will be delighted to help you prepare your proposal and practise your talk - take advantage of it!

Still, there’s nothing like practising your talk before a small audience, so to help, PyDiff will offer you just that.

If you think you’d like to submit a DjangoCon proposal, get in touch with us. We can help you with it if you like, but what we’ll also do is arrange a special PyDiff meetup where you - most likely along with a couple of other potential DjangoCon speakers - can road-test your talk and get some friendly feedback before you take on the big stage in Budapest.

Just drop us a line via the usual channels if you’re interested. The Call for Papers deadline is the 14th January, but we’d love to be the guinea pigs for your talk any time between now and DjangoCon.

Welcome to PyDiff!

PyDiff is the brand new Cardiff based Python and Django user group. We will be meeting monthly to share ideas, learn and have lots of fun! Meetings will probably be at the School of Mathematics on Senghennydd Road, Cathays, and we will keep you posted here about the date of the first meeting.

In the meantime, keep and eye on this website and follow us on twitter @PyDiff. We are excited to meet you.