You can find a video of the session here: The quality is not at all great: we’ll get that better as we go.

Martin Chorley - What Python can teach us about Beer

We’ve recently been using Python to analyse the drinking habits of over 200,000 people around the USA and Europe. In this talk I’ll show you some of the Python data analysis tools we’ve used and what we’ve been doing with them, and some of the (hopefully interesting) things we’ve found out.


Geraint Palmer - ASQ Simulates Queues

This talk will give the story of ASQ (ASQ Simulates Queues), an open queueing network simulation library. From its origins as a bit of code that verified basic queueing theory, to a developing simulation framework library that is being used in real projects. Working on this code has taught me a lot about coding, development, testing and documentation. Currently ASQ is being used in two academic projects: A study into deadlock in queueing networks which explores analytical models of theoretical networks that deadlock, and the modelling of real world outpatient clinics to assess system demand.

Lighting talks

A highlight of every python conference, we’re going to have them at our meetup :) Prepare a 5 minute lightning talk about something that might be of interest to the group :)