William White and Stelios Georgiou - Using Python to transcribe music; a CS Hackathon project

For the Cardiff University Hackathon this year, we entered a team from the School of Physics. We designed a python program to record and transcribe monophonic audio. We will talk through the program that we ended up with, and how we intend to improve on it in the future. We will also briefly talk about methods for frequency detection, and how we have utilised them in python. Ideally we would like to end up with a program that can transcribe polyphonic audio from a single instrument. However that is a long way off.

Here is the code repository: github.com/whitew1994/SimpleTranscriptionProgram

Would you like to give a talk? Get in touch on Twitter: @Pydiff


This month’s venue is again lecture theatre T/2.09 in the School of Computer Science & Informatics. Enter the building at the main entrance, and follow the awesome signs!