Using Support Vector Machines to gain insight into the genetic aetiology of schizophrenia

Predicting schizophrenia is incredibly hard, and remains a very prominent challenge. Here I present the results of studies where machine learning algorithms have been used to identify if there is evidence of interactions between genetic mutations occurring. The outcomes of using real case/control data is compared with simulated phenotypes to achieve this.

To Catch a Criminal

Using incredibly low resolution CCTV, OpenCV and Python to catch buffoons that crash into cars and drive away. I will talk briefly about performing basic processing on a video and using AutoTrader’s site to find a culprit. Note: You will require your own cheap CCTV to take part, I will provide it for the purpose of this talk.

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This month’s venue is T/2.09 in the School of Computer Science & Informatics. Enter the building at the door off to the left of the main entrance, and follow the awesome signs!