With 2017 being the year of AI and smart assistants, it was about time that Axelrod broke out of its prison that was the terminal. In this talk I will tell you how AWS, a guy called John Wheeler and twitter convinced me to make not one but two Axelrod related skills for the Amazon Echo.

Come along and see how I did it because lets face it physically typing out ‘C’ or ‘D’ is so 2016.

github repo for Axelrod Tournament alexa skill is here.

github repo for AxelrodGeek alexa skill is here.

Lightning Talks

As usual, we’ll be having Lightning talks at this session - if anyone would like to give a short (~5 minutes) talk on any topic, just let us know!


This month’s venue is T/0.31 in the School of Computer Science & Informatics. Enter the complex through the main gates and follow the awesome signs!